a contactless experience

Caring for what matters most to us

It is likely that you will soon be staying in one of our accommodations, and when you do, we want you receive with all the guarantees that preserve your health and well-being. This is why we have put in place a rigorous protocol, aware that our greatest challenge now is to raise the maximum our safety standards and minimize the risks for our customers.

What specific policies are in place?

During your stay, we will try to ensure that mutual contact between travelers and our team is limited and it is easier to respect the rules. Of course, we follow the directives of the French government and have implemented the following measures :

Physical distancing

Our automatic check-in and check-out process allows you greater flexibility in your arrival and departure times. But beyond that, it limits physical interaction in order to protect you.

Access to our online welcome guide

As soon as you have booked your stay, consult our welcome guide at any time on your smartphone, tablet or computer. You will thus discover our services and recommendations, anywhere, anytime, even before your arrival on site.

100% private accommodation

All our accommodations are private and have their own shower and WC. This independence allows you to always keep a social distance from each other. Thus, no EU COVID certificate or pass will be required.

Digitization of processes

Technology gives us the ability to digitize processes in various approaches to limit risk per contact and reduce waiting times.
gel hydroalcoolique Marmande

Additional cleaning and other hygiene measures are a top priority.

Disinfectant gel for hands is available in all Standingappart accommodation.

Purificateur d'air dans le StandingAppart

Clean air during your stay

We have equipped our accommodations with a Mi Air Purifier 2H purifier equipped with HEPA filters.