Terms and conditions

Date of last update 01/12/2021

Article 1: object

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to provide you with clear information on the establishment operating the website www.standingappart.fr, on the identity of the main managers, as well as the rules of the establishment.

In the following :

– The term “Standingappart” represents Mr. Stéphan Burgaud and is valid for all accommodation offered on the standingappart.fr site;

– The term “Customer” refers to any person, legal or natural, having made a reservation and/or staying in accommodation offered on the standingappart.fr website.

Property of the standingappart.fr website

Stéphan Burgaud

Phone number : +33685032038

Email address: bonjour[@]standingappart.fr

Individual tax identification number: 8412045550002

Any reservation made on the site www.standingappart.fr or on any reservation platform implies acceptance of these conditions.

Article 2 – Contract

The contractual information is presented in French. Each contract is concluded as tourist accommodation. Also, customers cannot use the accommodations as a primary or secondary residence. They must not carry out any commercial, craft or professional activity there. The Law of July 6, 1989 relating to residential leases cannot be applied to sales contracts entered into between Standingappart and its customers, in particular as regards maintenance in the premises. Consequently, the contract will be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code, the Tourism Code, the Consumer Code as well as by the conditions provided for in these terms and conditions.

Article 3 – Book

You can book:
– On the Internet: www.standingappart.fr;
– By phone at: 0685032038;

Standingappart reserves the right not to register a payment, and not to confirm a reservation for any reason whatsoever, and more particularly in the event of an availability problem, or in the event of a so-called "suspicious" reservation. If necessary, the customer will be informed of a cancellation / modification as soon as possible. On the occasion of any reservation, the customer must pay all the sums due relating to the stay. The rental contract is deemed to have been concluded as soon as the agreement between the parties has been reached. Reservations made on the site www.standingappart.fr are effective after the debit of the reservation fees. In case of rejected payment, Standingappart may cancel this reservation. Standingappart reserves the right to charge the credit card before the arrival date. The establishment reserves the right to modify or cancel a reservation without asking the customer's agreement in the following cases:
- Non-compliance with the rules during a previous stay;
- Unavailability of the reserved accommodation ;
– Absence of signature of the rental contract on D-1 of arrival;
– Absence of payment of the deposit by bank imprint on arrival.
Any modification or cancellation of which Standingappart will be forced to exercise and intervening within a period of 14 days preceding the date of arrival will be the subject of an evaluation on a case-by-case basis as to the reimbursement of the stay concerned.

Article 4 – Availability

The nights are available as long as they are bookable on the website www.standingappart.fr. In case of unavailability of your nights after receipt of your reservation, Standingappart will inform by email as soon as possible. Substitute accommodation will then be offered to the customer depending on availability, which may lead to a reassessment of the price of the night. If no other accommodation offered by Standingappart is available during the period requested by the client or if the two parties do not find an agreement, the reservation will either be automatically canceled and no bank debit will be made, if necessary, a total refund will be carried out.

Article 5 – Price

The offers and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site www.standingappart.fr.
All the regulations relating to a reservation must be made by credit card. We accept the following bank cards: Visa, Eurocard-Mastercard.
Standingappart reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. The stays are all invoiced on the basis of the rates in force at the time of registration of the reservation.
The rates are indicated and payable in euros, all taxes included (VAT and other taxes applicable on the day of the reservation), except otherwise indicated. In the event of a reservation from a country other than metropolitan France, exchange fees/fees or other local taxes or state taxes may be payable. These rights and sums are not the responsibility of Standingappart and will be the responsibility of the customer and are their full responsibility, both in terms of declarations and payments to the competent authorities and bodies of their country. Prices are per accommodation and per night, unless otherwise indicated. The prices displayed do not include tourist tax and additional services. The total price of the stay includes the tourist tax as well as the additional services.

Article 6 – Tourist tax

Tourist taxes are included when paying for the reservation. Their amounts, calculated per person and per night, are fixed by the Municipal Councils. They instructed Standingappart to collect them from customers, and to pay them back.

Article 7: Security Deposit

In the event of a lack of payment relating to the reservation, the security deposit or any other service, Standingappart will be forced not to accede to the client's rental request.
A security deposit of €500 is to be paid by the customer upon arrival. Security deposits are made by bank imprint, will not be debited from the customer's bank account and will be returned 15 days after the customer's actual departure if no incident is noted. This delay will allow Standingappart to see any damage caused that is not immediately visible. During the stay, the client is automatically held responsible for any missing, broken or damaged object and any damage that may result or be caused to the facilities. If it is necessary to proceed either to cleaning fees and/or additional laundry, either for any repair, or for the replacement of a damaged or broken object in a dwelling, the amount deducted from the security deposit will be the subject of proof by means of an invoice or any other supporting document. Any lost accommodation key will be charged €40 to the customer.

Article 8: Invoices

A personal invoice completed with the information provided during the reservation will be automatically issued within 48 hours of departure, by e-mail, to the address provided during the reservation. Any overcharging will be the subject of an additional invoice issued within 14 days.

Article 9: Arrival and departure times

The accommodations are available to the client from 5:00 p.m. on the day of arrival. On the day of departure, the accommodation must be vacated by 11:00 a.m. at the latest. At the time of departure, the client must return the key to the accommodation in the place where it was on arrival – for any departure or return of the keys after 11:00 am, an additional night will be charged.

Article 10 – Changes to essential elements of the reservation by the seller

In the event of force majeure or any other hazard, Standingappart reserves the right to partially or totally modify its services, both in terms of accommodation and optional services. Those that are not provided will not be invoiced. In this case, after having been informed beforehand of this or these modifications either by e-mail, sms, or telephone call, the Customer may either:
– Terminate his contract and obtain an immediate refund without penalty of the sums paid;
– Accept the modification(s) or the alternative accommodation proposed by Standingappart.
Therefore, any price reductions are deducted from any sums remaining due by the customer and, if payment already made by the latter exceeds the price of the modified service, the surplus must be returned to him within 72 hours following the date of his departure.

Article 11 – Modification/Cancellation of the reservation by the customer

If the customer wishes to modify his reservation, once it has been confirmed, Standingappart will do everything possible to satisfy him. Subject to availability and at Standingappart's discretion, the duration of the stay may be extended at the customer's request, without obligation for Standingappart to keep him in the same accommodation or to charge the initial agreed price. In the event of acceptance of an extension of stay followed by a new price, this will be applicable from the initial date of arrival.

Cancellation of part or all of a stay is free up to 14 days before arrival. After this period, no refund can be made and the total amount of the reservation will remain with Standingappart. Any stay started and lasting a maximum of 14 nights is due in full. Delays on arrival can in no case give rise to a refund. Standingappart has the possibility of re-renting accommodation without delay under the following conditions:
– Cancellation by the client;
– Modification of the reservation by the client;
– Non-presentation of the client;
– Error by the customer when making the reservation, on the dates or the accommodation chosen;
- Non-compliance with the Standingappart regulations by the customer.

Article 12 – Abandonment of stay

The customer cannot claim any compensation or reimbursement if he shortens or interrupts his stay for any reason whatsoever (including strike, medical repatriation, etc.). Any unused service will not be refunded.

Article 13 – Visits

Toute visite, rassemblement et fêtes sont interdits.

Les personne désireuse de séjourner ou de visiter un logement sont tenues de faire connaître leurs identités sous peine de voir le séjour concerné annulé sans préavis et sans remboursement.

Article 14 – Animals

Animals are not allowed in the establishment for hygienic reasons. Failure to comply with this rule may result in the cancellation of the stay without notice without the possibility of reimbursement. In addition, any damage caused by the customer or an animal must be paid for by the customer.

Article 15 – Inventory

The accommodations are fully equipped with crockery, cutlery, bedding, sheets and household linen. The accommodations made available to the customer are checked and functional before each stay. The customer must, in his own interest, check the inventory and inventory on arrival as well as the proper functioning of household and sanitary appliances. Otherwise, the accommodation will be deemed to be in good condition. The customer is invited to report any breach without delay to the following e-mail address: bonjour[@]standingappart.fr.

Article 16 – Theft and damage

As soon as the customer takes possession of the premises (entering the accommodation), the responsibility for any damage caused in the accommodation is transferred to him. The customer must use the rented accommodation in a responsible manner.
The accommodations made available to customers are checked, functional and in good condition before each stay. Customers are invited to immediately report any breach to the following e-mail address: bonjour[@]standingappart.fr.
In the event of a problem, the customer must engage his civil liability. In the event of voluntary or involuntary deterioration of materials, objects, furniture, Standingappart may require the customer to fully reimburse the property concerned and/or any repairs upon presentation of an estimate or an invoice for the property concerned, its replacement or its repair. It is the same for any deterioration noted after the departure of the customer within 15 days.
It is forbidden for the customer to take away any object whatsoever belonging to Standingappart: the customer must notify Standingappart if he notices a mistake and send it back, at his own expense, within 7 days, otherwise he will be billed for the object.
Standingappart may require payment of additional cleaning costs if the accommodation is left in a condition deemed unsuitable. In general, the customer will have to pay the damage caused directly to Standingappart. The customer can appeal to his insurance for all voluntary or involuntary damage he will cause during his stay.
All the accommodation offered by Standingappart is non-smoking.
Standingappart reserves the right to claim the amount of one night and additional cleaning costs to the customer who has reserved the accommodation if it is found that a person has smoked inside the accommodation during the stay. Standignappart reserves the right to deduct from the client the amount of the property concerned, its replacement, its repair, additional cleaning costs and/or the amount of an additional night, directly from the security deposit or by any means in the possession of Standingappart. Standingappart will have no obligation to notify the customer but undertakes to provide him with an invoice. In the event of late payment, penalties at the legal interest rate and fixed compensation for recovery costs of €40. Payment terms: 7 days.

Article 17 – Forgotten cases

If the customer requests the return of his belongings by parcel or mail, this must be done within 30 days of departure and will be done with tracking and insurance for valuables. The shipment will be made after the payment by the customer of the shipping costs. After the period of 30 days after the departure of the customer, the objects left or abandoned may be sold under the conditions provided for by the law of March 31, 1896.

Article 18 – Security

All accommodation presented to customers complies with French safety standards and is regularly checked. They are equipped for tourist stays. A description of each accommodation is present on the site www.standingappart.fr and systematically specifies the maximum number of beds for each accommodation. The accommodation may under no circumstances be occupied by a number greater than that indicated in the contract.

Article 19 – Liability

Standingappart cannot be held liable in the event of theft or damage to personal effects present in the accommodation, including in individual safes, common premises, car parks and any other outbuildings or annexes to the accommodation.
Standingappart does not will be responsible for fortuitous cases of force majeure or nuisance disrupting, interrupting or even preventing the stay. The client must verify that he has taken out Multi-risk and Civil Liability insurance as well as an extension of his home insurance with a notoriously solvent company, which he must be able to justify at the first request of Standingappart.
Minors under 18 years are under the sole and complete responsibility of a parent or accompanying adult for the duration of their stay.

Article 20 - Internet

Standingappart cannot be held liable for any inconveniences concerning the operation of the Internet network, a break in service, external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses.
Standingappart declines all responsibility for the use that may be made the internet connection of its accommodation by its customers or visitors. Standingappart cannot be held responsible for the actions of the customer. The customer agrees to submit to the legislation in force.

Article 21 – Complaints

Any possible complaint during the customer's stay must be reported immediately by e-mail to bonjour[@]standingappart.fr, in order to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. If it cannot be resolved on the spot, the customer must send a letter within 28 days of his arrival, detailing his complaint. After this period, no complaint will be taken into account and will be automatically foreclosed. In any case, under penalty of the complaint being automatically inadmissible, the customer must systematically pay the entire stay without being able to exercise any deduction on his own initiative or expressly consented to by Standingappart.

Article 22 – Termination of the contract

The contract between Standingappart and the customer will be terminated automatically without the need to resort to justice, in the event of non-performance by the customer of one of his obligations or behavior likely to disturb the stay of other Standingappart customers. . In this case, the client will immediately return their keys and may be evicted without notice and without refund.

Article 23 – Disputes

Before initiating any legal proceedings, under penalty of automatic inadmissibility of the claims submitted to the Court, the contracting parties undertake to attempt to settle their dispute amicably.
To do this, it is recalled that the Parties have the possibility of having recourse to a consumer mediator in accordance with article L111-1 of the Consumer Code.
In the event of failure to resolve their dispute amicably, the parties expressly assign jurisdiction at the local court in Marmande.

Article 24 – Acceptance

The establishment's internal rules apply to all reservations. Any reservation and stay entails the acceptance of the special conditions and the internal regulations of the accommodation. Failure to comply with the above provisions results in the immediate termination of the contract.
The contract between Standingappart and the customer will be terminated automatically without the need to resort to justice, in the event of non-compliance by the customer with one of these conditions or behavior likely to disrupt the stay of other Standingappart customers. In this case, the client will immediately hand over the keys to the accommodation to Standingappart or one of its managers and may be expelled without notice and without any refund.

Article 25 – Personal data

Standingappart reserves the right to collect personal information and personal data concerning its customers. This information is necessary for the management of reservations as well as the improvement of the services offered. They may also be transmitted to companies that contribute to these relationships, such as those responsible for the execution of services and reservations for their management, execution, processing and payment as well as the promotion of Standingappart. This information and data is also kept for security purposes, in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations. In accordance with the law of January 6, 1978, the customer has a right of access, rectification and opposition to personal information and personal data concerning him, by sending the request to Standingappart directly by email to: bonjour[@ ]standingappart.fr

Article 26 – Records

Standingappart will archive the contracts and invoices issued on a reliable and durable medium constituting a faithful copy in accordance with the provisions of article 1348 of the Civil Code. The computerized registers of standingappart.fr will be considered by all parties concerned as proof of communications, reservations, payments and transactions between the parties.

Article 27 – Furnished tourism classification

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